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From time to time I collect together some recipes into a book illustrated by my brother, recipes you can make at home.

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Chef says

“Born from a collaboration between Olivier Roellinger, my brother Pascal and myself, this first book presents 35 recipes centred around 7 essential ingredients: 5 spice different spice mixes, vinegar and oil. The mixes Retour des Indes and Grande caravane are the essence of spice mixing in the French style.

Gallo in the recipes compensates for the lack of fats.

La Poudre équinoxiale allows you to reduce sugar. Alizé has a flavour which evokes south sea breezes and reduces the need for salt.

Le vinaigre celtique is a great alternative to balsamic vinegar.

Huile et cumbava add flavour to fish and seafood.

Adopt these recipes and include them in your world. “

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