Cuisine Corsaire

Since 2006, at the heart of Maisons de Bricourt

Since 2006, at the heart of Maisons de Bricourt

With Emmanuel Tessier, the former second chef in Olivier Roellinger’s kitchen, Maisons de Bricourt created a meeting place where knowledge can be shared.

La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole school of cookery helps you to discover, explore, master and celebrate the fruits of the sea and the garden by using the spices which inspire our cuisine and so create a wide range of dishes at home.

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Situated in Cancale, La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole has an approach which is at the same time precise, refined and yet relaxed with a local cuisine which is healthy and fun.

For the beginner and the experienced cook, to improve skills and techniques in many areas.The cookery courses are for six people at once allowing everyone to take part in the creation of a dish.

At the end a meal together gives the opportunity to taste the dishes with a well chosen glass of wine. Pick from a range of options to suit your needs.

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A real restaurant at sea

Le chef of La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole, is an inspired cook who loves to work at sea on board a fleet of traditional sailing boats, to introduce you to Épices Roellinger©.

Hoist your sails and lift up your fork for a true seaborn restaurant !

Check out our gourmet sea trip dates.

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Un CUISINE CORSAIRE chef in your kitchen, at home, for you !

I’m proud to serve you this menu based upon dishes typical of the cuisine of Olivier Roellinger. These recipes take me back to the 3 star Maisons de Bricourt and are part of the history of La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole. Let’s do something special together​.

Emmanuel Tessier

Emmanuel Tessier à domicile
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Make the experience last !

You’ve chosen a course or a lesson at the school and you’d like to remember the experience. Emmanuel Tessier has made a selection of professional quality kitchen equipment that you can use daily at home.

During your time at the school the chef shares his culinary secrets with you and shows you his favourite kitchen equipment; those that he uses every day to create his dishes.

Leave with the chef’s favourite tools. It’s all part of your experience at La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole.

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